Brihad Bhagavatamrta Part 1 Chapter 5 Texts 103-105

Brihad Bhagavatamrta
Part 1 Chapter 5 Text 103-105

yesam darsana-sambhasa-
tathanyair daihikair drdaih
duschedaih prema-sambandhair
atma-sambandhato ‘dhikaih
baddhah svargapavargeccham
chittva bhaktim vivardhayan
krsno vismrta-vaikuntho
vilasaih svair anu-ksanam
navam navam anirvacyam
vitanoti sukham mahat

Krsna has now forgotten Vaikuntha, for He is bound by intense, unbreakable loving exchanges with these Yadus. He sees the Yadus, touches them, talks with them, sits with them. He eats and sleeps with them, follows then when they walk, takes part in their marriage ceremonies, and shares in their other activities of embodied life. These relations are more tangible then the yogis’ union with Him in meditation. Thus, by His pastimes Krsna spreads among the Yadus infinite pleasure, ever fresh and indescribable, destroying any desire they might have for heaven or liberation, and increasing more and more their devotion to Him.