Brihad Bhagavatamrta Part 1 – Bhauma:On the Earth Texts 24-25

Brihad Bhagavatamrta
Part 1: Finding the Essence of the Supreme Lord’s Mercy
Bhauma: On the Earth Texts 24-25

ekada tirtha-murdhanye
prayage muni-pungavah
maghe pratah krta-snanah
upavista mudavista
manyamanah krtarthatam
krsnasya dayito ‘siti
slaghante sma parasparam

Once a group of exalted sages were at Prayaga, the best of pilgrimage sites, during the month of Magha. The sages had taken their bath and were happily seated before the Deity of Sri Madhava. Feeling satisfied, as if all their goals in life had been fulfilled, they were praising one another, saying, “You are the recipient of Lord Krsna’s mercy.”