Brihad Bhagavatamrta Part 1 – Bhauma:On the Earth Text 4

Brihad Bhagavatamrta
Part 1: Finding the Essence of the Supreme Lord’s Mercy
Bhauma: On the Earth Text 4

jayati mathura-devi srestha purisu mano-rama
parama-dayita kamsarater jani-sthiti-ranjita
durita-haranan mukter bhakter api pratipadanaj
jagati mahita tat-tat-krida-kathastu viduratah

All glories to goddess Mathura-devi, the best of holy cities! She enchants the mind, she is most dear to the enemy of Kamsa, and she is adorned with the Lord’s birthplace. The city of Mathura is acclaimed throughout the world for dispelling misery and bestowing liberation and devotion, not to mention the various pastimes the Lord has played there.