Brihad Bhagavatamrta Part 1 Chapter 4 Texts 101-104

Brihad Bhagavatamrta
Part 1 Chapter 4 Text 101-104

athapi sahajavyaja-
sada vinaya-vrddhaya
vadane ‘dho-vilokane
maha-rajadhiraje sri-
bharata-jyayasi prestha-
sugrive vanaresvare
vibhisanasrite capa-
panau dasarathamaje
kausalya-nandane srimad-
svasminn atyantiki pritir
mama tenaiva vardhita

Even so, I simply feel more attracted to the Supreme Lord in His eternal identity as Sri Raghunatha, the sin of Dasaratha and joy of Mother Kausalya. His heart always tender with natural, unaffected compassion, He is spontaneously attracted to loving exchanges with His devotees, exchagnes free from any tinge of duplicity. He demonstrates how to follow properly the religious duties of a civilized people, and He upholds the strict vow of only having one wife. In the shyness of intimate humility, His face always hooks downward, His eyes fixed on the ground. His exalted character is pleasing to all. He stands with bow in hand, the king of kings, the hero of the city Ayodhya, served by Sita and Laksmana, and with Bharata as His older brother. He rules the race of monkeys as the dear friend of Sugriva and gives shelter to Vibhisana. By my hearing of the pastimes of Krsna, the unlimited loving attraction I feel toward my own master has increased.