Nectar of Devotion Chapter 41: Fraternal Devotion – Balarama’s Appearance Day

Balarama Purnima – The Appearance Day of Lord Balarama
Nectar of Devotion
Chapter 41: Fraternal Devotion

One devotee described the personal beauty of Baladeva as follows “Let me take shelter of the lotus feet of Balarama, whose beauty is enhanced by the earrings touching His cheeks. His face is decorated with tilaka made from kasturi [musk], and His broad chest is decorated with a garland of gunja [small conchshells]. His complexion is as white as an autumn cloud, He wears garments of blue color, and His voice is very grave. His arms are very long, touching His thighs, and He has shown His great strength by killing the Pralamba demon. Let me take shelter of this chivalrous Balarama.”
Baladeva’s affection for Krsna is illustrated in this statement to Subala: “My dear friend, please inform Krsna not to go to Kaliya’s lake today. Today is His birthday, and so I wish to go along with mother Yasoda to bathe Him. Tell Him He should not leave the house today.” This shows how Balarama, Krsna’s elder brother, took care of Krsna with parental love, within the scope of fraternal affection.